Trial and Error

The Outcry for Justice in the Dennis Dechaine Case

Legal Brief Cites Courts Errors

Click this link, Brief for Appellant, to view the brief filed by Dennis's attorney, Steve Peterson, with the Maine Law Court on September 14, 2014. The brief appeals the decision of Judge Carl Bradford to deny Dennis’s motion for retrial, and it consists of two parts:

1) A summary of all the DNA testing conducted in the case, from the court's original denial of such testing before the 1989 trial, through the November, 2013 hearing on the results of the "touch DNA" testing.

2) Peterson's discussion of three issues:

        A. The court erred in not granting a new trial based upon the DNA evidence;
        B. The presiding justice erred in not recusing himself from the DNA hearing;
        C. The court erred in not allowing additional evidence of actual innocence."

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