Trial and Error

The Outcry for Justice in the Dennis Dechaine Case

The man hasn’t been given a new trial yet

Sep 21, 2010

What is happening with the Dennis Dechaine case. The man hasn’t been given a new trial yet? The state says Dennis lied.

I know the state has deceived us. So, if I take out all the words, what would be left. Tire tracks, one similar and the rest not in the driveway of the house where Sarah was taken and none of Dennis’ fingerprints at the house tells me Dennis couldn’t have been there. Easy enough for a paper and notebook to have been dropped in the driveway. The unknown fingerprints they found at the house are “missing.” Not a single bit of evidence of Sarah being in Dennis’ truck, as well as the tracking dog not being able to pick up her scent tells me she couldn’t have been in his truck. Knots tied in the rope that bound Sarah’s hands, not knots Dennis used. Hair and fiber found on Sarah’s body and DNA under her thumbnails not Dennis’ and a time of death that makes it impossible for Dennis to be the one who murdered Sarah tells me Dennis needs a new trial and the state of Maine owes Sarah real justice.

Rae Duval
Brunswick Me.

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