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The Outcry for Justice in the Dennis Dechaine Case

Reader hopes for justice in Sarah Cherry case

Apr 29, 2012

Portland Press Herald 4-29-12

I’m going to begin this letter to the editor by congratulating and thanking Superior Court Justice Carl O. Bradford. It is a positive step when on May 23, Bradford will hear oral arguments in regard to pending DNA evidence in the death of Sarah Cherry.

The congratulations are in order because I want to believe: that this Maine justice during his tenure on the bench has always striven to do right by the law and those suffering an injustice. I have no reason to believe otherwise about this public official.

I do not have the same fuzzy, warm feeling toward others specifically responsible for bringing justice to the victimized and the guilty to justice. It is my belief that even an intelligent, well-intentioned judge can be duped, especially if, during the initial trial, an unscrupulous officer isn’t totally forthcoming.

Is a judge or jury to blame? No. What would be worse yet is if any attorney general in a position to do the right thing these past 24 years chose instead to continue practicing the art of obfuscation. Again, is the judge at fault? I do not think so.

And so, I wish to thank Carl O. Bradford for the [June 13th-15th] hearing. Many citizens in Maine feel that justice for the little Cherry girl, and for Dennis Dechaine, has fallen short. A great number of folks welcome your presiding a retrial, I am just one of many in favor.

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Martin F. Dionne

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