Trial and Error

The Outcry for Justice in the Dennis Dechaine Case

Letter to the editor: All evidence in Dechaine case should go before a jury

Aug 7, 2015

Re: “Greg Kesich: It is time for Dechaine’s champions to lay case to rest” (July 22):

According to Portland Press Herald editorial page editor Greg Kesich, retired Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agent Jim Moore “uses the medical examiner’s testimony to make his own time-of-death calculation, which he says clears (Dennis) Dechaine because (murder victim Sarah) Cherry would have still been alive when he was taken into custody.”

In fact, if one does the math, Deputy Chief State Medical Examiner Ronald Roy’s initial testimony, based on standard forensic science, also placed Sarah’s death after Dechaine’s whereabouts were known.

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